Animation Loop Commissions ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

Animation Loop Commissions

Hello! (^O^) Would you like to have a NSFW animated loop of your favorite waifu or original character? Get your’s on my My Ecchi Master tier
here! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

I’ll give it my best to make a traditional, 2D hand-drawn animation that meets your needs (^_-)-☆

What you will receive

  • A 30-second 2D frame-by-frame animation loop of your character in a high resolution, MP4 video with voice and sound. The animation will consist of one single movement repeating itself.
  • The 4 PNG images with transparent background used for the character animation. All animations will be made using 4 drawings.

What I do (^O^)

  • Girls feeling really good.
  • Your original character (already designed by you or someone else).
  • Popular anime characters you like.
  • Toys, simple machines and tentacles.
  • Simple backgrounds.
  • All kinds of milk ( ̄∀ ̄)

What I don’t do (T▽T)

  • Abuse or humiliation scenes where the girl is not feeling really good.
  • Loli, shota, animal and beast characters.
  • Real people in anime form.
  • Body transformation, gore and scary stuff (TдT)
  • Perfect imitation of someone else’s art style.
  • Sophisticated special effects.

Receive the original pencil drawings anywhere in the world!

For an additional price, you can have the original traditional animation drawings shipped to you by DHL Express anywhere in the world! (≧▽≦)

Terms and Conditions

  • I’ll be able to share the animation commission and it’s working process on my social media and art galleries (^_^;) You can choose if you want to be mentioned as the commissioner or remain anonymous.
  • You can only request revisions as described in the “Commission Process” section of this page. Additional revisions might require an additional payment. 

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