Noelle Silva’s Project Update

Hi guys!

This is a quick post to let you know that I’ve been hard at work on my long animation of Noelle Silva from Black Clover ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

I finally finished updating what I had already animated with the time-skip character designs, which was a lot more work than I imagined (T▽T)

This will be a long and detailed animation with a story, inspired be Maplestar’s hentai animated shorts, and should be finished in about three months ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧ Please wish me luck ♡(。☌ᴗ☌。)

I’ll also be showing a big WIP preview of the first part by March 16th for everyone in the $10 tier, so please stay tuned (^O^)

Thank you so much for supporting me and making such a huge project possible ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

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